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350.org:BREAKING: Top UN Scientist Endorses 350!

"As chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) I cannot take a position because we do not make recommendations," said Rajendra Pachauri when asked if he supported calls to keep atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations below 350 parts per million (ppm).

"But as a human being I am fully supportive of that goal. What is happening, and what is likely to happen, convinces me that the world must be really ambitious and very determined at moving toward a 350 target."

AFP:Top UN climate scientist backs ambitious CO2 cuts






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 5日、MAKE the RULEキャンペーンは「未来を選べ!衆議院選挙候補者&政党エコチェック」をWEBにて発表した。7月上旬に全ての衆議院選挙候補予定者に対してアンケートを行い、2020年の中期目標に対する考え方や炭素税、キャップ&トレード型排出量取引の導入や、原子力発電の是非などについて質問。この回答を元に、有権者が自分の選挙区の候補者の地球温暖化対策に関する方針が一目でわかるように表示している。また同時に、各政党から発表されたマニフェストを地球温暖化対策の視点で評価したペーパーも発表した。なお、発表後も、回答があった候補者分について随時更新を行っている。
(問合せ:MAKE the RULEキャンペーン事務局 TEL:03-3263-9210)

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浅岡美恵 編著
新澤秀則、千葉恒久、和田重太 著
気候ネットワーク、日本環境法律家連盟 協力




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"Ludwig is astonished at the extraordinary extent of progress made here. In fact, his joy was so great, he had intended to devote a whole column to a list of what the many hundreds of highly-paid government delegates had achieved this week, in their noble mission to protect the future of the planet. Unfortunately, try as he might, Ludwig was unable to find the first item.
Just as well really that this is the first week of a three-week session."


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 コペンハーゲン COP15の妥結内容に関しての、環境NGOs、開発NGOsが求める目標の一覧表記事がありました。
What should we be asking world leaders to agree to in Copenhagen?

 英語のままですが並べ替えておきます。 初見のNGOもありますがぁ、リンクも原文についています。

●Carbon tradingについて
350.org: A treaty that is strong, equitable and grounded in the latest science. There needs to be a high price on carbon and the treaty must ensure poor countries have a chance to develop

Friends of the Earth: Rich countries should not be allowed to buy any of their reductions abroad

UN Seal the Deal: An efficient institutional mechanism should be set up for dispersing these funds and an equitable, accountable governance structure

●CO2 reduction削減目標について
350.org: Reduce atmospheric concentrations of CO2 to 350 parts per million

ActionAid: Rich countries need to adopt 2020 targets of more than 40% emissions reductions against 1990 levels

Christian Aid: The UK must reduce its own emissions by 80% by 2050

Friends of the Earth: Rich countries must commit to cuts of 40% by 2020

Tearfund: Developed countries must reduce their emissions by at least 40% by 2020 (from 1990 levels) The vast majority of emission cuts should be made in the country where they were emitted rather than by offsetting

UN Seal the Deal: Developed countries must reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and limit the growth of their emissions

WWF: The EU should commit to a 45% reduction in emissions by 2020 from 1990 levels, with at least three-quarters of these cuts made domestically

●International politicsについて
Avaaz: World leaders must tackle climate change now, decisively and together. They must start working toward a new global agreement and set binding global targets for emissions to avert catastrophic climate change

Christian Aid: Get Gordon Brown and Barack Obama to attend the talks
in December

Global Climate Campaign: The long-industrialised countries that have emitted the most greenhouse gas must take responsibility for climate change mitigation by immediately reducing their own emissions as well as investing in clean energy in the developing world

Greenpeace International: World leaders to attend the meeting in person, agree to mandatory cuts in emissions for the developed world of 40% by 2020 and invest £84bn a year in developing countries so they can shift to a low-carbon economy, end deforestation and adapt to climate change impacts

Operation Noah: The British government should lead negotiations for a cut in global power sector emissions of at least one-third by 2020, as a move towards zero emissions from this sector by 2030

Oxfam: Asking Gordon Brown to attend the talks in Copenhagen and lead the push for a deal

tcktcktck: World leaders must be called upon to sign an ambitious, fair and binding climate deal in Copenhagen

ActionAid: Rich countries need to commit to finding £106bn a year to tackle climate change in developing countries

WWF:  The EU should provide its fair share of the total climate protection costs, currently estimated to be at least £30bn of the £93.4bn needed annually by 2020

●Developing worldについて
Cafod: Poor countries shouldn’t pay the price for climate change

Christian Aid:Rich countries should pay poorer countries to protect themselves from impacts of climate change

Friends of the Earth: Rich countries must provide additional money for developing countries to grow in a clean way, and to cope with the floods, droughts and famines caused by climate change

Oxfam: The UK must pay its fair share of adaptation costs in poor countries - Oxfam estimates this as £1.56bn per year (and get Europe to commit to £9.44bn a year)

Stop Climate Chaos: Resources must be provided to help the most vulnerable people

Tearfund: Developed countries must provide at least £30bn a year of finance to help poor people adapt to the changing climate

UN Seal the Deal: A framework must be established that will bolster the climate resilience of vulnerable countries and protect lives and livelihoods, Developing countries should receive financial support to limit the growth of their emissions
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